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'Getting Our Hands Dirty' at the Bagdad Mill Site Park

Irrigation System & 81 Trees Installed by Partnership Volunteers!


Bagdad-based "Trees Plus" owners, Rob and Amie Williamson, provided tree-removal and pruning services at no cost!

John Davis and Kirk Sanborn attach chains to trees for lifting.

Mike Flyum digs channels for the irrigation system with TORO loaned equipment along the future Bagdad Heritage Trail path inside the park.

Bud Allen and son, Justin, install the irrigation system throughout the park.

Mickey McNair takes a break to enjoy the scenery of the Blackwater River and Pond Creek.

A handful of the volunteers with a TORO Dingo unit.

Susan and Randy Creel (Team Creel) securing a Southern Magnolia as it is planted.


Large native trees were delivered from Panhandle

Growers.  The trees were purchased through a grant to Santa Rosa County.

County Commissioner Bob Cole lowers a Live Oak

into its hole as Randy Creel guides it.

Richard Lewis and Tom Scott guide tractor operator

John Davis as he lowers a tree into its hole.


County Commissioner Bob Cole operates the

tractor while volunteers spread filldirt to secure trees.

Irrigation system is installed throughout the park.


Eighty-one trees now scatter the park and line the

future path of the Bagdad Heritage Trail.

A view of a section of the park's irrigation system.


Bagdad Art Stroll 2008




Bagdad "Assist A Neighbor Day" 2008