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OLLINGER & BRUCE SHIPYARD PARK                                           

In 2008, the Bagdad Waterfronts Florida Partnership completed the third and final phase of developing the Ollinger & Bruce Shipyard Park, a waterfront “pocket park” adjacent to the community’s busiest boat landing, the Oyster Shell Pile Boat Landing (also known as the Tampa Landing).

Located on Northwest Florida Water Management District property, the park is located near the site of a former shipyard and freight wharf. The site is about one acre in size and boasts a pavilion and picnic area and a nature trail along the Blackwater River. The project took one year in light of the eradication of aggressive invasive plants. The park will eventually connect with the Bagdad Mill Site Park and the future Bagdad Heritage Trail. 

In 2006, the Partnership’s Public Access to the Waterfront committee approached Northwest Florida Water Management District about creating a park on the vacant property. It was approved by the Water Management District soon after the request. As a part of the Great American Cleanup in April 2007, volunteers started tackling the overgrown lot, and clearing out massive growth of wisteria, kudzu and Chinese privet. A few weeks later, Help Thy Neighbors Volunteer Center provided 30 volunteers through Clearwire Wireless Corp. to finish clearing the lot and cleaning the debris. Water Management District provided funding for the fence and the picnic pavilion at the site. Santa Rosa County Public Works provided picnic tables and labor for pavilion construction. Other financial support was provided by the Blackwater River Foundation for native tree plantings. 

The Partnership’s Environmental Protection Committee and the Blackwater River Foundation are currently working with Northwest Florida Water Management District to re-vegetate areas within the park with native plantings that will control the overgrowth that sneaks up on us!

The park project is maintained by volunteer support through the Partnership. We could use your help!


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