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The Bagdad Waterfronts Florida Partnership, Inc. (Partnership) is a 501c(3) nonprofit corporation founded in 2007 with the primary purpose of serving as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization throughout the village of Bagdad, Florida.          

The Partnership effort was initiated by Santa Rosa County and the Blackwater River Foundation in 2005 when the State of Florida’s Department of Community Affairs designated Bagdad as a Waterfronts Florida Partnership Community.

Between 2005 and 2007, the Partnership was managed by the Blackwater River Foundation and consisted of representatives from various groups throughout the community who each had an interest in the future of Bagdad.  The Partnership facilitated a community visioning effort during those two years, allowing residents to identify its future regarding public access to the waterfront, hazard mitigation/public safety, cultural and environmental resource protection, and economic redevelopment.  The visioning efforts of Bagdad are used as examples throughout Florida.                                            

Upon “graduation” from the statewide program in 2007, the Partnership committee incorporated a separate nonprofit organization with the mission to further implement the community’s vision. Specifically, this volunteer-driven organization ensures the community’s interests are being met and that all processes are participatory and inclusive. 

The Partnership follows the State of Florida’s Waterfronts Florida Partnership Program’s approach to revitalization, which focuses on incremental change, self-help, and partnership-building.        

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Bagdad Waterfronts Florida Partnership, Inc.
P.O. Box 801, Bagdad, FL 32530


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6 p.m. 4th Thursday of the Month

Bagdad United Methodist Church



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Draft as of Feb. 22, 2012

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Bagdad Transportation & Open Space Master Plan


Completed June 2010

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Waterfronts Florida

Partnership Program


Community Case Studies

Published by State of Florida, 2009

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